Energy Solutions

Energy comes in many forms – Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal, Nuclear and Gravitational. These energies are generated in different ways and carried through various media. Our company handles works in the chemical and electrical areas.


Pronat Oil and Gas is a one-stop equipment and service provider to the oil and gas industry. We represent a leading manufacturing company in the fuel retailing solutions, Tokheim, and in the development and manufacture of sensors for monitoring and measuring fill levels. Tokheim is one of the world’s largest providers of fuel retailing solutions. This consists of four core elements: Dispensers, Systems, Service and Project Management. We also represent Fafnir, a company that provides specialized solutions for level measurement, environmental sensor systems, tank filling safety devices, overfill prevention devices and limit signaling controls. Fafnir products are applicable in the oil and gas industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Transport Companies, Beverage Industries, Breweries, Refineries, Depots and Tank farms, Water and Waste-Water Companies. We have an electronic dip system called VISY-X system with the ability to improve cost efficiency and protect people and the environment. VISY-X system’s integrated-water detection system makes a crucial contribution to quality assurance.


At Pronat Worldwide Limited we undertake electric power connection to sites and communities which generally involves erection of electric poles and stringing of cables to sites and final termination of power on transformers and facilities where they are required. We represent ABC Transformers Private Limited based in Noida, India. ABC manufactures, supplies and provides services for a wide range of transformers as follows:

    • Power Transformers
    • Dry Type Transformers
    • Auto Transformers
    • Furnace transformers
    • Isolation Transformers
    • Servo Transformers
    • Potential transformers
    • ABC has a production capacity of 25KVA to 20MVA and manufacturing capacity of 300 Units.